Wearing face mask in the state of Ihram

Question : If the authorities are mandating face masks in and around the holy sites. Do we need to pay Fidyah?


The shafee , hambali and Maliki scholars don’t require pilgrims to pay any penalty for wearing masks during Ihram due to necessity. However as for Hanafi Mathab there is some detail. Please see answer from islamic portal.co.uk below.

Answer : Under normal circumstances, it is not permitted to cover the face in iḥrām with a mask that touches the face. However, wearing a face mask due to Covid-19 or for portection is excused based on need and regulations, although it will necessitate a penalty.

If a person wears the mask continuously for more than 12 hours and it covers quarter of the face or more, the penalty is a Dam (sacrifice of a goat or equivalent in ḥaram) or fasting three days anywhere or giving six poor people Ṣadaqah (the amount of Ṣadaqah al-Fiṭr each) anywhere. On the other hand, if a person wears the mask for less than 12 hours or it does not cover quarter of the face, the penalty is to give Ṣadaqah (the amount of Ṣadaqah al-Fiṭr) to a poor person anywhere or fast for one day anywhere.

If the mask is used, removed, and re-used several times whilst in the same iḥrām, there is only one penalty. Thus, if it is not used for 12 hours continuously at any one time or it covers less than a quarter of the face, the penalty is Ṣadaqah to a poor person or one fast, even if cumulatively the use exceeds 12 hours. It is therefore strongly advised that one avoids wearing the mask continuously for 12 hours.

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